Are we Challenging or Helping Kids Too Much?

July 23, 2010

This short post was a conversation I had with myself about promoting efficacy in kids. I wonder if we need to step back and wait more before jumping in to help kids conquer challenges in learning. What do you think?


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  • April

    I loved your podcast. I really enjoyed the format of listening instead of reading. It brings me back to why kids really love listening to stories either by me or on the iPod. It’s nice to just listen sometimes.

    I truly believe in trying to build students’ efficacy. If we don’t they will become dependent upon us, we certainly don’t want that. Like you, I sometimes find myself “helping” them too much. When I notice myself doing this I often cover my mouth and shut up, especially in math when they are explaining a strategy or how they came to the conclusion they’ve come to. I’m noticing this more and I’m getting better.

    I think we need to guide them in the right direction by providing them with the tools and skills that are needed and really stepping back. It’s okay for them to flounder or even fail at times. If we guide them in the direction we want them to go, they’ll become critical thinkers. I’ve watched it happen last year. It was so powerful to see students asking questions, inquiring, reading, making connections, processing and then wondering. Then to repeat the process with another question or comment.

    Providing them with the tools they need and then guiding them towards where they need to go, but not interfering in the process will result in critical thinkers who know how to solve problems.

    Thanks for the podcast and your thoughts. Love it!!!

    Jul 23, 2010 at 3:24 pm